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In today’s business landscape, where many are seeking extra income sources and exploring entrepreneurial ventures, individuals are increasingly dedicated to attaining added earnings and nurturing aspirations to launch their personal enterprises.

As the exclusive importer and distributor of Baby Lock and Steamfast, RoenCO firmly establishes itself as a provider of dynamic and scalable solutions. These solutions possess remarkable potential, strategically positioning themselves to ignite and guide innovative business ventures across South Africa and Namibia.

RoenCO takes on a unique role in supporting emerging entrepreneurs seeking extra income sources by offering HSM and Crafting Machines, catalyzing the establishment of legitimate Authorized Dealerships. Moreover, RoenCO extends support to existing dealerships seeking expansion, facilitating the progress of their HSM and Crafting businesses. This empowerment is accompanied by the benefit of avoiding a significant upfront capital investment.

Our approach underscores flexibility, aligning products with dealer requirements, customizing product utilization based on individual needs, providing comprehensive training, unwavering support, and a tailored assistance framework. Our steadfast commitment lies in synchronizing the aspirations and demands of potential and current dealers, fostering their growth.

Through collaborative endeavors with potential and established dealers, we cultivate business expansion through methodical business plans, strategic goal-setting, and practical guidance. RoenCO delivers a comprehensive partnership package encompassing vital hardware, immersive training, and unwavering support, ensuring a triumphant journey together.

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