RoenCO takes immense pride in its pivotal role as a distributor for prominent international brands within the market. Within our extensive offerings, there spans a diverse array of renowned brands, meticulously tailored to cater to dealers and the retail sector across SADC countries. Operating under the banner of RoenCO, our dedication extends beyond mere distribution – we take it upon ourselves to diligently support each brand we offer. This entails a comprehensive range of services, spanning from adeptly addressing product inquiries and orchestrating insightful demonstrations to seamlessly imparting crucial operational training.

Moreover, our commitment transcends traditional avenues. We undertake the vital task of curating informative and compelling educational and marketing content across the spectrum of brands we represent. This content is then thoughtfully disseminated across our diverse array of social media platforms. Through these concerted efforts, we ensure that the benefits and highlights of each brand we distribute are effectively communicated and resonating with our audience.

Baby Lock

In 1964, a group of Japanese engineers and managers embarked on a mission to redesign industrial overlockers in production at the time, tailoring them for private use. Their vision was to create a compact, lightweight machine suitable for home sewing. Their unwavering belief in this idea led them to collectively resign from their positions and establish a new company dedicated to crafting the machine of their aspirations. This marked the genesis of the iconic Baby Lock brand, heralding the introduction of the very first home overlocker to the market.

Manufactured by Suzuki Machinery Co., Ltd. in Yamagata, Japan, Baby Lock overlock sewing machines have rapidly seized the largest market share since their inception in 1968. As the preferred choice among consumers, the Baby Lock brand is synonymous with the commitment to delivering premium quality. A core principle that has been ingrained from the outset is their dedication to supplying only the finest, Japan-made machines to their valued customers, reflecting the ethos of “delivering only the best quality, made in Japan, machines to our customers.”


Founded in 1908 in Nagoya, Japan, Brother International embarked on a transformative journey. Initially known as Yasui Sewing Machine Co, the company commenced its operations by offering repair services. Today, Brother stands as a trailblazing brand, distributing an extensive array of dependable and inventive products across over one hundred countries globally. This comprehensive lineup encompasses a spectrum of sewing machines, ranging from entry-level models to sophisticated computerized units, along with offerings in embroidery, crafting, and the professional range. Renowned across the world, Brother’s offerings come highly recommended for their excellence and innovation.


Established in 2014 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd. is a dynamic force in the field of 3D technology. With a laser focus on 3D research, design, and production, Creality 3D has expanded its reach across key cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Dongguan. Sporting 16 modern production lines and an expansive R&D center staffed by skilled engineers and expert researchers, Creality 3D is dedicated to delivering creative functions and an unparalleled user experience. With a sprawling production base area spanning 20,000m2, the company houses not only 3D printing laboratories but also possesses significant capabilities in FDM/Resin 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, Filaments, Resins, and even 3D printed drones and robots for STEAM education.

Creality 3D is a recipient of numerous professional certifications, including the prestigious title of National High-tech Enterprise, China Famous Brand, China’s Independent Innovation Brand, UL, ISO9001, and CE/FCC/ROHS. Backed by an impressive arsenal of dozens of desktop, industrial, and educational 3D printer patents, Creality 3D commands a substantial market share in the 3D printing industry.

Moving forward, Creality 3D remains steadfast in its dedication to its founding principle of “consumer first.” Fueled by the spirit of an industrial evangelist, the company is resolute in its mission to offer top-tier 3D printers and products at budget-friendly prices, coupled with attentive and thoughtful services.


In 1999, Steamfast unveiled its inaugural product, a distinctive offering ahead of its time – the “garment steamer.” This pioneering introduction found its place on retail shelves, providing individuals with a fresh perspective on garment care. This innovation granted people the newfound capability to expertly press and rejuvenate their clothing sans the reliance on traditional dry cleaning services. This watershed moment ushered in remarkable time and monetary efficiencies for consumers, seamlessly integrated within the confines of their abodes. The rapid ascent of the garment steamer to stardom highlighted the transformative power of steam, reshaping conventional notions of fabric care and cleaning practices.

Silver Swallow Designs


Jana Meintjies is a simple (happiest when barefoot) South African girl following her calling to live, breathe and dream dresses. 2021 marks her eighteenth year on this journey. She started her career as a fashion design student in 2003, where after she completed a four-year internship as a hands-on fashion assistant to one of the greatest South African designers, Marianne Fassler, which gave her the confidence to later venture on the entrepreneurial path. This year Silver Swallow Design turns eleven. For Jana, the art comes first, and her work and dresses will always reflect that. Jana will be sharing her designer knowledge and insights while working on her Brother F420 Sewing Machine and will be gaining more surprising learning skills with more Brother product line-ups to follow.

Jak de Priester


After eighteen successful years in the South African entertainment industry, Jak de Priester certainly needs no introduction. This award-winning artist, with his soulful voice, meaningful lyrics, rhythmic music, and entertaining stage personality, has come to win the hearts of his fans. Today this Singer, poet, presenter, actor, artist with many more facets to his career has ten studio albums, a children’s album and DVD, a book, an anthology of poems, Abstract Artwork and various stage productions on his record as well as presenting Popular shows like Reis na Gister & Koppieteefontein on KykNET. Jak, his wife Michelle, and their beautiful daughter Mia started their sewing journey with their Brother F420 Sewing machine. They will also expand their knowledge with more Brother product line-ups to follow.