Creality CR-SCAN 01

The Creality CR-Scan 01 is a dual function 3D scanner. It can be used either in fully automatic turntable mode or in a flexible handheld scanning mode.


  • Turntable Mode.

The Creality Cr-Scan 1 in turntable mode offers one-key automatic scanning, supporting multiple postures. Auto align allows users to scan complete models automatically. Scanning range in this mode is 0.3 metres to 2 metres.

  • Handheld Mode.

In handheld mode, the Creality Cr-Scan 1 offers more flexible scanning of objects of different sizes without a marker. Scanning range in this mode is 0.3 metres to 0.5 metres.

  • Super Large Format.

The single frame format is 1.5 times that of traditional scanners, and scanning is faster and smoother. Scanning of bigger volume, large objects does not affect detail accuracy.

  • Automatic Matching.

With automatic scanning, there is no need for markers. Users can “quick start” without markers, or scan for 10 seconds, mark and remove marker for 3 minutes.

  • One-Key Processing: Turntable Mode.

Once the scan is complete, the model data can be processed with one key, and the resulting model can be obtained directly without operation.

Included Accessories

  • 1x Power Cable.
  • 1x Data Cable (USB).
  • 1x Tripod.
  • 1x Turntable.
  • 1x Control Panel.
  • 1x 8Gb USB Drive.

Included accessories subject to change without notice.

Additional Information

Net Weight 800g
Gross Weight 1910g
Packing Size 350 x 305 x 125mm
Frame Rate 10fps
Scanning Area 536 x 378mm
Accuracy 0.1mm
Spatial Resolution 0.2mm
Scanning Distance 400mm – 900mm
Scanning Range (Handheld) 0.3m – 2m
Scanning Range (Turntable) 0.3m – 0.5m
Output Format .obj, .stl
Data Interface USB 3.0
Operating Temperature 0-40°C (Non-Condensing)


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