Creality UW-02 Wash and Cure Station

The Creality UW-02 is an all-in-one washing curing machine for the 3D printed models and parts. It features two-in-one cleaning and curing, a large 10.1-inch solidify space, 360° magnetic rotating platform and speed/time selection.


  • Large Washing & Curing Space.

The Creality UW-02 has a large 10.1-inch space for washing and curing to meet the processing demands of larger scale models. Washing mode is an integrated automatic function. Curing mode cures 3D printed and parts by controlling light, speed, and time accurately.

  • 360° All Round Curing.

The UW-02 uses a 360° reflection curing rotating platform with 385nm and 405nm dual band LED beads for all-round curing without dead bands.

  • Upgraded UV Lamp Beads.

Dual band UV lamp bead strips make the UV light source irradiation more uniform and concentrated for more complete model curing.

  • Multiple Cleaning Methods.

The UW-02 supports two cleaning methods – washing basket and platform hanging cleaning. With its customised large metal fan blade and super large vortex high-speed cleaning function, excess resin is comprehensively removed from the model.

Included Accessories

  • 1x UV Protection Cover.
  • 1x Washing Container & Basket.
  • User Manual.
  • 1x Curing Platform.
  • 1x Platform Support.
  • 1x Adjustable Bracket.
  • 1x Power Adapter and Cable

Included accessories subject to change without notice.

Additional Information

Printing Technology Cure Station
Control Method Touch Button Controls
Washing Volume (Container) 240 x 160 x 200mm
Curing Volume (Rotator) 200(Diameter) x 300mm
Washing/Curing Timer Limits 2 – 30 Minute Cycles
UV LED Arrays Dual-Band 385nm (12) & 405nm (12)
UV Blocking Hood Orange
Protection Features Automatic Stop on Cover Removal
Extra features • 360° Controllable Rotating Platform
• Sealable Solution Container
Rated power 60W | 24V | 2.5A
Weight 8kg
Dimensions (Machine) 325 x 295 x 485mm


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