Creality CR-30

The Creality 3DPrintmill is an ingenious desktop FDM 3D printer with infinite-Z-axis and a rolling conveyor belt for continuous printing of duplicate models. The 3DPrintmill can turn 200 hours of continuous batch printing into reality.


  • Continuous Printing:

With an infinite-Z-axis and a rolling conveyor belt, the Creality 3DPrintmill is capable of continuous printing of duplicate models. This is high productivity, time saving and cost-effective “no worries” infinite 3D printing.

  • Desktop Batch Printing:

A desktop size 3D printer that breaks through the traditional gantry structure, the x3DPrintmill can easily achieve batch printing.

  • Dual-Gear Metal Extruder:

A high-quality dual-gear metal extruder combined with the 45-degree slanting nozzle turns more than 200 hours of printing into reality.

  • Stable & Sturdy:

The stable and sturdy Core-XY precision structure with isosceles right-angle support gives users an extraordinary printing experience.

  • Rolling Conveyor:

Made of wear-resistant material, the conveyor belt features excellent adhesion to the model. The printed model can fall off automatically as the belt rolls to the end, freeing up hands.

Included Accessories

  • Toolbox with Assorted Tools
  • Instruction Manual
  • ±200g Spool of Free Filament
  • Spool Holder
  • Assorted Spares
  • SA Power Plug Cable

Included accessories subject to change without notice.

Additional Information

Printing Technology FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling)
Distinct Features • Batch Print
• Infinite Z-Axis Printing
• Stable & Durable Operation
• Dual-Gear Metal Extruder
• Stable Core-XY Structure
• Rolling Conveyor-Belt
• Exclusive Slive Software
• Smart Filament Breakage Detector
• Ultra-Silent Motherboard
Build Volume 200 x 170 x ∞mm
Extruder Style Dual Drive Bowden Extruder
Stock Hotend Assembly 3DPrintMill (CR-30) Hotend
Maximum Hotend Temperature 240°C
Number Of Nozzles 1
Stock Nozzle Size • 0.4mm (Standard)
• 0.2, 0.8 and 1.0mm (Optional)
Filament Diameter Compatibility 1.75mm
Compatible Filaments • PLA
Printing Resolution ±0.1mm
Printing Speed (Max) 180mm/s
Printing Speed (Stable) Up to 60mm/s
Print Platform Style Thermal-Resistant Nylon Belt
Print Platform Max Temperature 100°C
Print Platform Levelling System Manual
User Interface 3DPrintMill (CR-30) Dial Knob Screen / Marlin Interface
Chassis Materials Black Anodised Aluminium / V-Slot Extrusion
Chassis Size (Desk Space Required) 535 x 656 x 410mm
Weight (Product) 16.5Kgs
Filament Runout Sensor Yes
Print Resume Functionality Yes
Camera N/A
Network Connection N/A
Cloud Platform Support N/A
Slicing Software Compatibility Creality Belt
Compatible File Format STL, OBJ, AMF
Slicing Thickness 0.1 – 0.4mm
File Transfer Method Full Sized SD Card
Working Mode Online or TF card offline
Stock Stepper Drivers TMC2208 Ultra-Quiet Drivers
Motherboard / Primary Controller 3DPrintMill (CR-30) Silent Motherboard
Power Supply Input 100-120V AC / 200-240V AC (Toggle Switch), 350W
Power Supply Output (Platform) 24V, 350W
Power Supply Output (Motherboard) N/A
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Maximum Power Consumption 350W
Dimensions (Packaged) 685 x 565 x 302mm
Weight (Packaged) 20.5Kgs


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