Creality Falcon 10w

The Creality CR-Laser Falcon laser engraver features an enhanced 10W laser for powerful cutting performance. Easy to assemble, the machine can be used offline, indoors and outdoors, and can cut a wide variety of materials from fabrics to ceramics and metals, with all-round safety and protection for users.


  • Enhanced Laser, One-Button Operation.

The enhanced 10W laser makes it easier to cut through thicker materials, engraving obvious patterns on objects as hard as stainless steel. It can cut through 18mm wood board, and 12mm wood board in one pass. In offline working state, a single button allows users to preview, start, pause, or stop engraving.

  • Quick Assembly & Offline Engraving.

The Creality CR-Laser Falcon is quick to assemble – 60% of the components are modularised for easier assembly. Offline engraving is simple: import a file via a TF card and the machine can be used indoors, outdoors, or anywhere you like without connecting to a computer.

  • Larger Workspace, Various Materials.

With a 400mm x 415mm workspace, users can process larger pieces of material, while an optional raiser increases height by 150mm. Various materials can be cut, including paper, cloth, leather, fabrics, wood, bamboo, acrylics, ceramics, matte stainless steel, painted metal, anodized surfaces and dark metal surfaces.

  • Software, Files, Operating Systems, Motion Stability.

The CR-Laser Falcon supports LightBurn and LaserGRBL software, and SVG/PNG/TIF/BMP/DX/PDF/NG file formats and runs on Mac OS and Windows operating systems. The stability-orientated drive has a 32-bit chip and silent motherboard for synchronous, quiet operation.

  • All-Round Safety & Protection.

Featuring a gyroscope, the machine will stop working in case of accidental tilt, flip or drop, with the buzzer and indicator sending alerts. A protective cover around the laser head prevents eye-dazzle.

Included Accessories

  • Assembly kit with control box.
  • Power adapter with cord.
  • Laser module and Laser cover.
  • Safety goggles.

Included accessories subject to change without notice.

Additional Information

Model CR-Laser Falcon 10W
Machine Size 568 x 632 x 198mm
Net Weight 3.2Kg
Operating Systems Windows / MacOS
Input Power 100-240V~ 50-60Hz
Output Power DC 24.0V 3.0A
Range of Operating Temperature 0°C – 35°C
Safety Certification IEC60825, FDA, CE, ROHS, FCC, UKCA, UL, PSE
Engraving Size 400 x 415mm
Laser Source Semiconductor Laser Unit
Laser Wavelength 455±5nm
Laser Power 10w
Safety Class Class IV (FDA / FDA Classification Standard)
Laser Engraving Software LaserGRBL (freeware), Lightburn (Paid)
Format Files jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, svg, dxf
Supported Materials Cardboard, Wood, Bamboo, Rubber, Leather, Fabric, Acrylic, Plastic, other soft material.


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